Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Behold at that installation script

Finally it is here!

The auto installation script for Amilo A1650G for 32bit Ubuntus (Feisty,Gutsy) is here.

1) Make the hotkeys work - all of them (besides change display)!
2) Notification bubbles and Cool n' Quiet - done by info2 @ubuntuforums.
3) Make wireless work - only if you have the Atheros 5005g. I'll be happy to add Broadcom if I had testers with that configuration.

1) 32bit Ubuntu >= 7.04
2) Amilo A1650G or similarly hotkeyd laptop
3) internet connection

Open a console and run:
chmod 755
sudo ./

Wait a bit till it's Done.
Log out, Log back in and viola!

Last Edited: 29/8/07

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Amilo A1650g the overheater

Recently I've been having some serious overheating issues with this awful laptop (the main reason for the hatred is the video card).

I didn't understood why all of a sudden, Feisty has become "heavy" as have suse and mandriva.... well, suse was already heavy to begin with. tried: Mandriva 2007.1 (spring), Opensuse Gnome 10.3 beta 2, Ubuntu Feisty and Gutsy...

I used acpi -t to track the temperatures and I was able to reach 87 Celsius degrees and have occasional shutdowns (+90 degrees)...

And yesterday I found out why.

My laptop's cooling ribs were clogged up for good - I even found a feather there. I disassembled the largest panel in the back of the laptop and then just the fan (without the cooling ribs). I used a slightly wet cue-tip to clean the fan side of the cooling ribs. The amount of dust there were unbelievable!

Now I'm glad to say that it's working again at nominal temperatures. WinXP in Virtualbox helped me reach a nice temperature of 67 Celsius degrees. It's sad though that if I ran Firefox into a site with a rich flash content - I'll reach 75 Celsius degress, which is much higher then running a virtual machine. Someone have to make the flash plugin better!