Tuesday, August 26, 2008

fscamiloa16xx deprecation

Finally after a year and a half the patch I made is now available in Ubuntu Intrepid and its derivatives.

That means that starting Ubuntu 8.10 the script will no longer be necessary.

Fujitsu Amilo A1650g is supposed to work out of the box upon installation - LI1718 users please contact me ASAP I need some details.

This is good news. I cleared the time line I had imagined for this script as it was supposed to evolve into version 1.0, and instead I returned to my old attempt to add hotkeys support for acer_acpi.

acer_acpi has many benefits over acerhk:
1) It will be fully working on 64bit systems
2) Newer code and closer to the latest kernel
3) Works with ACPI calls as opposed to Assembler calls

As I have recently finished my BSc degree, I became a full time employee for BMC Software. For that reason it is important for me to mention (for the record) that I am doing this little project on my own free time and I receive no benefits from Fujitsu-Seimens corporation.