Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the death of fsca16xx and the birth of cellwriter as an HIM plugin

sadly to inform that my amilo laptop has gone to a new way and it is no longer in my possession. so i will not be able to continue maintaining the fsca16xx script. there are a few open issues (like hotkeys daemon going bezzerk) which i haven't fixed yet, so my advice is to stop using the script. instead i would advice that acerhk or acer_acpi modules will be loaded and used ( running acerhk example: sudo modprobe acerhk force_series=5020 autowlan=1).

on a different subject i have started a new project named himcellwriter which integrate the magnificent
cellwriter hand writing recognition application (applause to the author) as an hildon input method plugin. currently i am attempting to revive a pentium 3 500mhz desktop computer from scrap to be my main machine that will replace the amilo i used to have.

1) if you have been using the script and something which happens to be 'hotkeys' is eating your cpu on ubuntu interpid, i suggest that you remove it by running:
sudo apt-get remove hotkeys
after removal, the "Activate/Deactivate" popup will stop appearing.

2) if you're new to ubuntu and have amilo li1718 or a1650g run the following 3 commands to add wireless led support without using the script- this will work until acerhk will be removed from ubuntu (probably 9.04 or 9.10):
$ echo options acerhk autowlan=1 force_series=5020 | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/options
$ echo acerhk | sudo tee -a /etc/modules
$ sudo rmmod acerhk > /dev/null 2>&1 ; sudo modprobe acerhk autowlan=1 force_series=5020

please let me know if it does not work as i was unable to test it...

EDIT: i made a mistake in step 2 and it is fixed now. i will search a fix to what it caused and publish it soon