Friday, June 13, 2008

fsca16xx project timeline

Finally, I am about to finish my BSc in CS.

This gave me the opportunity to make a list of the changes I would like to make to the fsca16xx project.

The changes can be viewed at the project's wiki:

acerhk compile fixed!

Finally I have solved the compile issues of acerhk.

Solution - Makefile changes:
1) turn 'CFLAGS=' to 'EXTRA_CFLAGS='
2) add 'V ?= 0'
3) add the following to the acerhk.ko compile line:
M=$(CURDIR) V=$(V)

That means that for the latest version of, when pressing the wireless button, the Activate/De-Activate notifications work again (been broken for a little less then a year).

I also published it on launchpad: